October Customer of the Month

Tyrone Johnson


  • How long have you been homebrewing/winemaking? I have been brewing for 12 years primarily brewing beer and recently started brewing lagers.


  • How did you first get started in Homebrewing/Winemaking? I lurked on Homebrew talk for about a year and then searched for the closest Homebrew shop which was The Brew Hut. I bought a starter homebrew setup and brewed a clone of Sam Adams Cherry Wheat.


  • What are your favorite styles to make? Wheat beers and Red Ales are my favorite beer styles but I’m liking the challenge of brewing lagers and I always have a beer or two with some kind of fruit in it. So I guess I’m a fruit-loving beer drinker that likes lagers.


  • Are you a member of any brew clubs or organizations? Foam on the Range & Mile High Monks.


  • Have you won any medals or awards? Yes recently for sour ales, raspberry mead, pumpkin ale, 2nd place for guava apple cider (Denver NHC Regional), and apple pie fruit beer.


  • Describe your brewing system or equipment: I have a single vessel 240 volt 30 amp PID controlled 15-gallon brew vessel with a 10 gallon Cooler Mash Tun and a single pump.

  • What piece of equipment or brewing process has made the most difference in your beer and/or wine? Star San & PBW have made me a better brewer by preventing disasters and keeping things clean and sanitary. Also being a part of a Homebrew club helps me to be connected to other Homebrewers, beer styles, activities, and the craft and beer industry.


  • What other fermented beverages have you made?  I’ve made some meads, ciders, and one wine. I’m excited to start making Tepache and Japanese Rice Wine aka Sake.


  • List of any other hobbies or interests. I try to take my road bike out on the weekends on bike trails around the metro area on my non-brewing weekends.


  • Is there anything else that you would like to share about yourself? I encourage you to join a Homebrew club, I have gotten better as a brewer and have learned so much from members of the club on different styles and techniques that I couldn’t have gotten by just reading.