Customer of the Month – The Cobbs

Tom and Deb Cobb




How long have you been home brewing?

Tom/ I started brewing in 2/2002. I received a gift certificate to the brew hut from my wife Deb. I bought a Pilsner kit for my 1st beer to brew. Deb/ I started brewing on 4/5/2018. My 1st beer I brewed was an all grain Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA Clone. Tom is my assistant brewer.

What is you favorite beer style to make?

Tom/Saison; Deb/ IPA or Stout

Are you a member of any brew clubs or organizations?

We both belong to Parker Hopaholics and American Homebrewers Association.

Have you won any medals or awards?

Tom/ I have never entered any competitions but have placed well in some of our homebrew club blind competitions. I just brewed an Amber, my 110th brew. Deb/ I received a bronze on my second beer a Kolsch at the Elizabeth Celtic Brew Competition. I received a gold on my 5th brew my South of Border Stout at The Brew Hut’s Homebrew Competition and a bronze also on my stout at the Rocky Mountain Homebrew Challenge. I am getting ready to brew my sixth beer. 

Describe your brewing system or equipment.

We brew 5 gallons on our system using a Home Depot 10 gallon orange igloo cooler that has been converted as our mash tun. We have a Brewers Best 16 gal brew kettle and we use a Bayou Classic for our propane heat source. We use a copper wort chiller. We use a large mouth Speidel 7.9 gallon fermenter.

What piece of equipment or brewing process has made the most difference in your beer?

Tom/ The 15 gallon brew kettle, because it holds more wort and the spigot makes the transfer so much easier. Deb/ I like the wide mouth Speidel for adding ingredients to the secondary and ease of cleaning. 

What other fermented beverages have you made?

Tom/ I have made a cider and made a few wines; Deb/ I just started making Kombucha. 

List of any other hobbies or interests.

Tom/ I enjoy playing golf; Deb/I enjoying quilting and crafts; We both enjoy visiting all the breweries we can find.