Tilt Hydrometer

Tilt Hydrometer


Designed for home brewing, the Tilt is a wireless hydrometer that lets you instantly read your brew’s specific gravity and temperature on your compatible Apple iPhone/iPad or Android smartphone/tablet or Tilt Pi. Most Bluetooth 4.0+ devices will work with the Tilt. You can then optionally save the data automatically to the cloud using our free Google Sheets template or other 3rd party cloud platforms.

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Pretty cool

George klein / June 12, 2018

Very useful tool,has an app that allows you to data log in the cloud. Generally pretty acurate, tho every once in a while it will give a random measurement that is way lower than actual for a couple hours and then correct itself. The battery has lasted me for at least 7 or 8 brew days with more life to go. Liked the product enough to buy a second for my other fermenter.