Omega Yeast: Tropical IPA (OYL-200)
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Omega Yeast: Tropical IPA (OYL-200)


Tropical IPA is a unique Saccharomyces strain formerly classified as a Brettanomyces strain, that produces delicate, tart, tropical mango and pineapple fruit characteristics with a clean finish. Try it at its higher temperatures to bring out the tropical profile. It’s stubbornly non-flocculent, but worth it.

This strain tests positive for the STA1 gene, an indicator of Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. diastaticus, and is capable of fermenting dextrins, resulting in very high attenuation.

  • Strain Type: Ales

  • Flocculation: Low

  • Attenuation: 85-100%

  • Temperature Range: 75–85° F (24–29° C)

  • Alcohol Tolerance: 10%


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