McGowan's Olde Tyme Wassail
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McGowan’s Olde Tyme Wassail


“Wassail” originates in the Old Norse drinking salutation “Ves heil” (“Be well”) of over 1,000 years ago.  Centuries later, Wassailing was popularized in Old England as a seasonal singing ritual to ensure a good cider apple harvest.  Eventually, wassailing evolved into a tradition of Twelfth Night.  The hot wassail drink has since become popularly associated with winter holidays.

  • Ours does not have any alcohol, but you CAN add some if you want.
  • We prefer it just as we have prepared it, but for those who want, most people would add Bourbon, Rum, Brandy, Tequila or Vodka.
  • We highly recommend that wassail be served hot!  It can easily be heated in a microwave, but we prefer to simmer it on the stove, as it adds a great holiday smell to the home.
  • Wassail is not just a holiday drink; it should be enjoyed throughout the cold-weather months.  It can even be drunk throughout the entire year any time you feel a little under the weather.

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