Masontops: Bread Making Kit
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Masontops: Bread Making Kit


• Artisan Bread Making Tool Kit with All the Tools Needed to Make Homemade Breads. Make Any Kind of Artisan Bread at Home in a Regular Oven with Breadsmart Tools – Sourdough, Rye, Whole Wheat, White and More! Includes Access to a Digital Recipe Book. Made of Food-Safe BPA-Free Plastic, Cotton, and Stainless Steel

• 1x Danish Dough Whisk—Made of top-grade stainless steel that runs the length of the handle, so it will never bend, break or rust!

• 1x Bench Scraper/Spatula—Perfect for scraping dough out of bowls and off counters, and to fold dough

• 1x Plastic Proofing Basket—Easy to clean and perfectly sized for long, family-sized loaves with beautiful ribs

• 1x Washable Cotton Basket Liner—To be used in the proofing basket when working with extra sticky dough

• 1x Dual-Ended Lame with 10x Replacement Blades—Features a curved and straight end for scoring dough to get the perfect rise

• BONUS Bread Recipe Book—Get access to a free digital recipe book with step-by-step instructions on how to make white bread, sourdough, whole wheat and rye

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