Inland Island Yeast - Special Order
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Inland Island Yeast – Special Order


***Inland Island Yeast is available by Special Order.

Please contact us at 303-680-8898 or email to order. 

Available Homebrew Strains:

  • INIS-001 NORTHERN CALIFORNIA ALE YEAST – Inland Island’s Northern California Ale Yeast is isolated from a premier American craft brewer. Produces a clean and crisp beer with low fruitiness and mild esters.
  • INIS-003 COLORADO IPA YEAST – This strain leaves a great body in the beer with a lot of fruity aromatics. It will attenuate slightly less than more common California ale yeasts, but produces a dynamic ester profile over a wide range of temperatures.
  • INIS-006 ECCENTRIC ALE YEAST – This strain is isolated from one of the best producers of citrusy IPAs. The yeast produces a beer with some remaining sweetness and complex esters.
  • INIS-007 AMERICAN ALE BLEND – Who doesn’t like a nice complex American ale? This is a blend of strains from the Northwest, Northeast, and Central parts of the United States. It combines several fruity American IPA strains to create a very complex ester profile that accentuates hops. Not as dry as INIS-001 or INIS-005.
  • INIS-222 BELGIAN GNOME ALE – Our Belgian Gnome strain has a distinctive, estery and phenolic profile. Flocculation is very high. This versatile yeast can produce Belgian beers in many different styles.
  • INIS-291 SAISON : FARMHOUSE – A dynamic strain that produces a wide range of phenols and esters. Notes of strawberry, hay, and spice. This yeast leaves the finish slightly tart and with an excellent mouth feel.
  • INIS-315 ENGLISH ALE V – A drier English strain well suited for Extra Special Bitters, milds, porters, and stouts.
  • INIS-318 ENGLISH DRY ALE – This strain produces a similar beer to English V, INIS315, but is able to reach 80% attenuation and typically reaches terminal gravity faster.
  • INIS-711 GERMAN MONK LAGER – This lager strain ferments clean and leaves a solid malt body. Better than average floculation for a lager yeast results in a bright beer. Yeast is easy to repitch for multiple generations.
  • INIS-913 BRETT BARREL YEAST III – Isolated from a famous american wild ale brewery. Strain is able to ferment without added help from another Sacchoromyces c. strain. Produces mild acidity and tropical fruit notes. Leaves the beer with very little mouthfeel. See recipe recommendations for fermentation additions to boost mouthfeel.
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