Hop Rhizomes: Colorado Grown
Hop Rhizomes: Colorado Grown
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Hop Rhizomes: Colorado Grown

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Grow Hops at Home! 

Note: This is a pre-order. Hop rhizomes will begin shipping in early April. (Rhizomes cannot be shipped to  HI, AK, WA, or ID.)

Hop bines are grown from rhizomes, which is a piece of the root that is cut from an established female plant. The rhizome is then planted in late March or April. The hop rhizomes that we carry are from established plants from Ella J. Farms in Longmont, Colorado and grow extremely well in our climate. 

As these are live roots, we cannot guarantee their growth. But we have been using rhizomes from Ella J Farms for the past three years and have had great success with them and expect that you will too. 

Available Varieties: Cascade, Chinook, Crystal, Mt. Hood, Nugget & Tettnang

                        ******Free Hop Growing Class: March 31st. ****** 
We are very excited to welcome back Ron and Michelle Yovich, the owners of Ella J Farms, a 10-acre organic hop farm near Longmont, CO. Come and learn how to grow hops at home from the experts. Ron will be discussing which varieties of hops grow well in the Colorado climate, how to plant them, create a support structure, keep the hops healthy, as well as how to harvest and dry your hops. To RSVP, Please Visit –


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