Ss Brewtech: Brewmaster Edition Chronical 1/2 BBL
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Ss Brewtech: Brewmaster Edition Chronical 1/2 BBL


The Brewmaster Series Chronicals take existing features on the chronicals, and take it to the next level of professionalism. These conical fermenters boast a 3″ TC port on the lid, perfect for CIP or dry hopping. An FTSs Chilling coil is included, weldlessly mounted to the body of the chronical, allowing for chilling or heating. Internal Gallon & Liter markings are electrically etched, so no fading over time. Custom designed butterfly valves and rotating racking arm are included, as well as a 3″ tc cap,clamp and gasket. This cap has a 17 mm hole for airlock or Blowoff addition. Exterior has a polished finish, which cleans easily, and displays beautifully.


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