BlowTie 8mm Diaphragm Spunding Valve
BlowTie 8mm Diaphragm Spunding Valve
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BlowTie 8mm Diaphragm Spunding Valve


The Blow Tie Spunding Valve is used to release excess pressure on a pressurized fermenter or from a keg while doing pressure transfers. Thanks to the large surface area of the diaphragm, this style spunding valve is much more accurate than the poppet style. 8 mm Duotight fittings at both inlet and outlet make this unit perfect for use with EVABarrier 8 mm OD tubing. The blow-off pressure can be set by either pairing the BlowTie with the Push-In Pressure Gauge, or by attaching it to an empty keg that has been pressurized to the desired psi.
  • Made from food-grade acetal
  • Stainless screws
  • Easily disassembles for cleaning
  • 8mm (5/16″) Duotight fittings at both ends
  • 0-40 psi pressure rating

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