Customer of the Month – Ed Moore


How long have you been homebrewing/winemaking? Homebrewing 1995, Mead making 2005

How did you first get started in Homebrewing/Winemaking? Started with craft beer and decided to make my own beer and mead.

What are your favorite styles to make? Dopple bock, Baltic  Porter, and German Pilsner

Are you a member of any brew clubs or organizations? AHA, Foam on the Range, and Rock Hoppers. Former member of the Dead Yeast Society (Lafayette, La.), Foam Rangers, and KGB in Houston.

Have you won any medals or awards? 700+

Describe your brewing system or equipment: Gravity-fed three-tier system.

What piece of equipment or brewing process has made the most difference in your beer and/or wine? The three-tier system.

What other fermented beverages have you made? I have made cider but only beer and mead now.

List any other hobbies or interests. I like Ballroom Dancing and going to the gym to do my workout of Stair master, walking, and swimming.

Is there anything else that you would like to share about yourself? I enjoy making beer and mead and sharing it with others and winning medals. I hope to win a medal in every state. 31 so far.