Customer of the Month – Chuck Meadow

Chuck Meadow

Brewer’s Names: Chuck Meadow (Master Brewer), Ezra (Apprentice)

How long have you been homebrewing/winemaking? Since 2018, and Ezra since 2021. I started making wine when I discovered I could make excellent tasting wine for a fraction of the cost of store-bought wine. It does not take a lot of effort, just takes a bit of time … we call it “wine time”. And of course, we have a policy at “The Pine Meadow Winery” (a cheesy name for a home operation), that if we are making wine, we must be drinking wine.

What are your favorite styles to make? Day to day for my Customers, aka spouse and daughters, I brew the Chilean Sauvignon Blanc and Italian Pinot Grigio. Both are classics. The Spanish Tempranillo is also a favorite. I like reds such as Loci Old Vines Zinfandel (Private Reserve), Australian Cabernet Shiraz (Reserve), or Argentinian Malbec (Reserve). Other than the Zinfandel, I try to stay with Italian, Spanish, Australian, or Argentina vineyards

Are you a member of any brew clubs or organizations? Not now, but am interested!

Have you won any medals or awards?  Not yet but also haven’t entered any competitions either. My Customers, aka spouse and daughters, love my wine, however.

Describe your brewing system or equipment (Provide a picture if possible)

  • My fermenters or 14 gallon (2 batch) SS BrewTech Brew Buckets
  • Inkbird ITC-308 Digital Temperature Controller
  • FermWrap FE650-40 Watt Fermentation Heater
  • Carboys (plastic)
  • Buon Vino Wine Filter
  • Portuguese Floor Corker
  • And of course, supplies such as Starsan, PBW, corks, etc.

What piece of equipment or brewing process has made the most difference in your beer and/or wine? I would say incorporating wine filtration into the process has made the biggest difference. I filter with a #2 for reds and a two-stage process for whites: a #2 followed by a #3. I also substituted the Chitosan for non-shell fished-based clarifiers such as sparkaloid (whites) and gelatin (reds). I am now experimenting with using fresh well water from the Sangre De Christo mountain range near Westcliffe, CO. First batch produced an excellent, very clear, nice tasting white wine.

What other fermented beverages have you made? None.

 List of any other hobbies or interests. I Grandkids, gardening, investing… did I mention Grandkids yet?

Is there anything else that you would like to share about yourself? I’d like to make an unsolicited endorsement of The Brew Hut.  They have everything you need to get going for wine or beer making. They also have the experience and knowledge to guide you along the way. And above all else, they are great people.