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The Brew Hut’s 26th Anniversary Celebration

Join us on June 26th from 12 pm to 4 pm as we celebrate the 26th Anniversary of The Brew Hut!

Over the past 26 years, The Brew Hut has served as a springboard for homebrewers who have gone on to create amazing breweries across Colorado, including our sister company Dry Dock Brewing that starting in the back of the shop.

To commemorate this occasion, we have invited some of our good friends that have gone on to start their own amazing breweries, to come and serve some special beers. 

Guest Breweries: (Including some special collaboration beers)

Anniversary Sale: Get 26% Off of the following items. Sale pricing available on June 26th only. 

    • Used Ball Lock Kegs
    • Used Pin Lock Kegs
    • Root Shoot Malts
    • Wine Kits (Limit 2)
    • Brewer’s Best Ingredient Kits
    • Copper Wort Chillers 25′
    • New 5# CO2 Tanks
    • Beer Equipment Kits
    • Wine Equipment Kits
    • Draft Equipment Kit (with new ball lock keg)


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