Customer of the Month – Brian Fisher

Brian Fisher


How long have you been brewing? I have been homebrewing since 2014. The first brew I did was an Amber Ale (partial extract).  While fermentation was happening in the carboy, I was so scared it was going to blow as the krausen was getting towards the neck.  Oh, the fun when you first start out.  Since then, I have brewed red and white wines from kits along with concentrates that can be purchased in the store.  I dabbled in making apple cider using bread yeast as well as wine yeasts.  Fermented cucumbers and sauerkraut.  In 2015, I started my Thrash Metal Home Brew channel on YouTube.  Since then, I have accumulated over 360 subscribers. 

What is your favorite beer style to make? What is your favorite beer style to make?  I love to make IPAs and Pale Ales equally.  They tend to have the malt and hop notes that I love.  I also love to spend winter evenings with a stout or heavy porter as well as the all-time summertime SMaSH, Pilsner, and Lagers.  I love to play with the hops and barley the most when experimenting or tweaking.

Are you a member of any brew clubs or organizations? I am a part of the BrewTubers community online as well as YouTube.  I also belong to a number of Facebook “advanced” brewing communities–Advanced Home Brewers, Home Brew Beer, and Brew Tube Official, to name a few. I’m always able to help those needing assistance or needing answers to brewing questions as I am always learning myself.

Describe your brewing system or equipment. I have built an electric 240 volt 1/3 barrel system (10 gallon).  Over the past couple years, I had accumulated parts to build my control panel as well as the parts for the—everything was made from scratch.  I used parts of the system for about a year and finally after moving to a new home, I was able to wire the 240v system and currently brewing on the completed Thrash Metal Electric Brewery.

What piece of equipment has made the most difference in your beer? The temperature controllers when using the HERMS.  I can now set temperatures and time to do specific step-mashing.  You have no control over exacting times and temperatures with a propane turkey fryer (which I started out with).  Protein Rests are now part of the brew schedule (when using Pilsner malts, of course).

Do you have any other hobbies or special interests? I am an avid guitarist (since junior high).  For a while, I played in a very popular party and bar band called, Never Surrender (you can see a few videos on my YouTube channel).  I have been in the I.T. field for well over 30 years so that automatically makes me a super-geek (but with more metal).  I spent 10 years in the Army during the late 1980s and early ’90s and lived two years in Germany before the wall came down.  My two active duty units were Intelligence.  I was Airborne and spent some time in a Long Range Surveillance Detachment (LRSD).  Lets just say that my knees are not the same.  Explored a lot of the world (usually where the military sends you).