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July 2018 Newsletter

Stay in the Know!

Party Plans for 4th of July?

Complete your keg(s) with a Jockey Box! Jockey boxes are available for rent for $50/2 daysRentals include a regulator and all necessary hookups for commercial kegs or home brew kegs. CO2 tanks are NOT included in this rental package, but can be rented for an additional $10. CALL OR EMAIL US TO RESERVE YOUR’S TODAY!

Customer of the Month:

Meet Justin Mullen!

Home Brewer’s Night

Join us on July 19th from 6pm to 8pm. Bring a few bottles of your best beer, wine or cider, and show it off to your fellow home brewers. Admission is FREE, and ALL skill levels are welcome.

New Limited Release Wine Kit!

Announcing The 4th Annual Winexpert Eclipse Limited Release Bourbon Barrel Zin-Cab! 

Firkin of the Month

Each month, The Brew Hut creates a Firkin that is served at Dry Dock Brewing Company (South Dock). We hope you will come and join us for a pint
Friday, July 20th at 3pm

Robobrew V3 Now Available!

We are very excited that the long awaited Robobrew V3 is now available! Place your order now for this electric, single vessel All-Grain Brewing System, priced only at $479.99


Recipe of the Month

Our July recipe of the month is Bell’s Two Hearted Ale Clone
Perfectly balanced with a malt backbone and combined with the signature fruity aromas of Bell’s house yeast, this beer is remarkably drinkable and well suited for adventures everywhere.
All ingredients for this recipe are 10% off at The Brew Hut during the month of June.

Get 15% off One Item Once 

To Redeem this offer, speak the word of the month:

Saccharification (sak-er-uh-fĭ-kā’shən):
The conversion of malt starch into fermentable sugars, primarily maltose.
Offer valid through July 31st