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Father’s Day Gift Guide

20 Great Gifts for Dad

Every crafty Father deserves something that will let his creative juices, and home brews flow. Here are our top picks for Dad’s of all ages and interests! 

Please note: As of June 2018, none of these items are available for online purchases (in store only). However, we are working to add our complete inventory to our online store for your convenience! You can see what is available for online ordering here.

Gifts for Under $25

The Brew Hut Hats


Oregon Kombucha Kit

The kit contains: live Kombucha culture, organic tea and brewing guide
Enough to make ONE gallon

Organic jasmine green tea – the most popular tea world wide. Light, clear, and classic. Loved by all.

FastRack Bottle Drying Rack

Dry your beer bottles & avoid contamination by never having contact on the inside. Ever had a ruined batch? We have, it sucked and we never wanted it again.



Gifts Between $25 and $50

Yeast for a Year

Keep Dad brewing all year with fresh yeast each month! With this punch card, he can redeem his yeast at our store at his convenience. 

Inkbird Digital Temperature Controller Thermostat and Timer

Control the temperature of your fermenter with this digital temperature probe and thermostat! 

Note: There is no cooling function. 

Drink Tank Cups

These vacuum insulated coffee cups keep life’s beverages warm for up to 12 hours, and cold for up to 24 hours.

Gifts Between $50 and $100

Drink Tank Growler

These vacuum insulated growlers keep life’s beverages warm for up to 12 hours, and cold for up to 24 hours.

Fast Ferment 7.9g Conical

Give Dad a primary and secondary fermenting system in one! With no transfers and no racking, he’ll do 80% less work with each batch!

Blichmann Beer Gun Bottle Filler

Fill your bottles easier than ever with this one-handed intuitive operation! 

Low foaming, and simple to clean and set up!

Gifts for $100 and Over

 The Brew Hut Draft System

Make sharing your home brews even easier with this complete draft system!

Tilt Bluetooth Hydrometer

Designed for home brewing, the Tilt is a wireless hydrometer that lets you instantly read your brew’s specific gravity and temperature on your compatible Apple iPhone/iPad or Android smartphone/tablet or Tilt Pi.

You can then optionally save the data automatically to the cloud using our free Google Sheets template or other 3rd party cloud platforms.

 GrainFather Electric Brewing System

The Grainfather allows you to mash, sparge, boil and cool, all in the one fully electric, self contained system.

The Grainfather is an all-in-one All-Grain brewing system designed to declutter your brew cave and put everything you need in one compact package. No need to take your craft outside, with this fully electric system you are safe to brew indoors! 

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