TBH Staff

Jeff Jameson – ManagerJeff Jameson

Jeff came to The Brew Hut in 2009 not as a stay-at-home dad, but rather as he styled it, a trophy husband, after a career as EMT — he is master of both intubation and inebriation with equal ease. Jeff has also made wine from both grapes and kits and other fruit, liqueurs, soft cheeses, ciders and meads. His favorite recipe book is Brewing Classic Styles by Zainasheff & Palmer, while his favorite beers are IPAs, Dry Stouts, and Saisons. Philosophy? Great sanitation and happy yeast! He rarely brews the same beer twice, preferring trying new techniques while keeping things simple.

Nick BrueningNick Bruening

Nick has been homebrewing since his hair was short, about 2007. He used to make custom designed furniture, but gave it up to make beer, to our benefit. He made the tables in the barrel room at Dry Dock as well as the barrel-stave chairs – try one out and you may not leave, they are so comfortable! His favorite brew is a black IPA that he’s made a dozen times, tweaking it each brew. His favorite brewing book is Calagione’s Extreme Brewing. In his spare time he hangs out next door, so the next time you need an after-hours yeast or homebrew analysis, just look for him there!

Mark HurleyMark Hurley

Mark bought his first brew kit from The Brew Hut in 2008, and soon became obsessed with the homebrewing process. Obsession leads to further obsession, and Mark left wireless sales – never to return — to come to The Brew Hut! He prefers John Palmer’s How to Brew over Charlie Papazian’s The Complete Joy of Homebrewing since he has a detail orientation and likes graphs, numbers and formulas. Mark’s philosophy is be nice to your yeast and don’t be overly concerned about style guidelines – just make beer that tastes good. He currently likes to brew sours and Belgians, and for drinking enjoys ESBs and IPAs, plus anything with the word ‘beer’ in it.

Duane TaylorDuane Taylor

Duane brewed his first batch the day after Santa delivered the goods in 2004. Then, brewed again on New Year’s Eve, before the first batch was even racked once, and has been hooked every since. His go-to house brew is the Duvel clone recipe that can be found in BYO’s 250 Clones or in Clone Brews. Duane’s philosophy on homebrewing is that it’s a spiritual experience best discussed over a pint – stop on by! Prior to The Brew Hut, he’s taught music for 25 years, been choir director, Starbuck’s barista, drywaller extraordinaire, and been in sales for Apple.

Philippe DengahPhillipe Dengah

Philippe was introduced to homebrewing by a couple of friends right after he turned 21 in 2003, and has never gone back to big commercial brews. He started working in the Brew Hut part time in 2010, and at the end of 2012, he left his government job to work here full time. Philippe’s favorite style of beers to brew are wheat beers and his favorite brew book is Homebrewing for Dummies. He recently got married in the Virgin Islands and when he’s not brewing or drinking beer, he enjoys cycling, snowboarding and he is also is currently building his own trike for drifting.

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