We carry a wide range of yeast products for your brewing and wine making needs, whether it be for beer, wine, cider, mead, sake or distilled beverages; we have what you need!Liquid and Dry Yeast

Wyeast Liquid Yeast

The Smack-pack, filled with pure liquid yeast cultures and featuring a built in activator, was born and revolutionized the home brewing industry. Today, Wyeast Laboratories produces a vast array of cultures for home enthusiasts to make beer, wine, cider, mead, sake or distilled beverages. If you want to see a full product list of what we carry, Wyeast has a great resource for each type listed here.
You can expand, sort and search the table below to find the product you’re looking for.

Item Name
3789 PC Trappist Blend w/Brett
2001 Wyeast Urquell Lager
2007 Wyeast Pilsen Lager
2035 Wyeast American Lager
2042 Wyeast Danish Lager
2112 Wyeast California Lager
2124 Wyeast Bohemian Lager
4007A Wyeast Malo lactic blend
Pacman Wyeast
5112 Wyeast Brettamomyces Brux
5526 Wyeast Brettanomyces Lambi
5733 Wyeast Pediococcus Cervis
1007 Wyeast German Ale
1010 Wyeast American Wheat
1028 Wyeast London Ale
1056 Wyeast American Ale
1084 Wyeast Irish Ale
1098 Wyeast British Ale
1099 Wyeast Whitbread Ale
1187 Wyeast Ringwood Ale
1214 Wyeast Belgian Abbey
1272 Wyeast American Ale II
1275 Wyeast Thames Valley
1318 Wyeast London Ale III
1332 Wyeast Northwest Ale
1335 Wyeast British Ale II
1388 Wyeast Belgian Strong
1728 Wyeast Scottish Ale
1762 Wyeast Belgian Abbey II
1968 Wyeast London ESB
2000 Wyeast Budvar
885WLP Zurich Lager
3739 Wyeast Flanders Golden
2206 Wyeast Bavarian Lager
2278 Wyeast Czech pils
2308 Wyeast Munich Lager
2565 Wyeast Kolsch
2633 Wyeast Oktoberfest Lager
3056 Wyeast Bavarian Wheat Blnd
3068 Wyeast Weihenstephan
3278 Wyeast Belgian Lambic
3333 Wyeast German Wheat
3463 Wyeast Forbidden Fruit
3522 Wyeast Belgian Ardennes
3638 Wyeast Bavarian Wheat
3724 Wyeast Saison Yeast
3787 Wyeast Trappist HG
3942 Wyeast Belgian Wheat
3944 Wyeast Belgian Whitbier
4184 Wyeast Sweet Mead
2487 PC Helle Bock
3725 PC Bier de Garde
3191 PC Wyeast Berliner-Weisse
2575 PC Wyeast Kolsch II
2252 PC Wyeast Rasenmaher Lager
1882 PC Wyeast Thames Valley II
1450 Wyeast Denny’s Favorite
3711 Wyeast French Saison
3763 Wyeast Roselare Blend
2352 Wyeast Munich Lager II
3726 PC Farmhouse
3655 PC Belgian Schelde
1768 Wyeast PC Eng Special Bitt
4347 Wyeast Eau du Vie
4021 Wyeast Champagne Yeast
2272 PC North American Lager
4267 Wyeast Bordeaux
4767 Wyeast Port Wine
Wyeast Yeast Nutrient
1026 Wyeast PC British Cask Ale
1469 Wyeast West Yorkshire Ale
9097 Wyeast PC Old Ale Blend
5335 Wyeast Lactobacillus
630WLP Berliner Weisse Blend
815WLP Belgian Lager
670WLP American Farmhouse Blend
2782 Wyeast PC Staro Prague
5151 Wyeast PC Brett Clausenii
3864 Wyeast PC Canadian/Belgian
3538 Wyeast PC Leuven Pale
WLN4000 Clarity-Ferm



White Labs YeastWhite Labs Liquid Yeast

White Labs Inc. Pure Yeast and Fermentation team members have been active in the American and worldwide craft brewing movements since the 1980s. The company, which has grown to include offices in California and Colorado, provides a wealth of services to not only brewers but also winemakers, distillers and others in the fermentation business. Below is a brief description of numerous company employees. We carry White Labs homebrew yeast strains, to see a complete list of all their products and descriptors, click here.
You can expand, sort and search the table below to find the product you’re looking for.

Item Name
001WLP California Ale
002WLP English Ale
004WLP Irish Ale
005WLP British Ale
007WLP Dry English Ale
008WLP East Coast Ale
011WLP European Ale
013WLP London Ale
023WLP Burton Ale
028WLP Edinburgh Ale
029WLP German Ale/Kolsch
041WLP Pacific Ale Yeast
051WLP California Ale V
060WLP American Ale Blend
080WLP Cream Ale Blend
099WLP Super High Gravity
300WLP Hefeweizen Ale
320WLP American Hefeweizen
380WLP Hefeweizen Ale IV
400WLP Belgian Wit
500WLP Trappist Ale
530WLP Belgian Abbey
550WLP Belgian Ale
565WLP Belgian Saison
568WLP Belgian Saison Ale Blend
570WLP Belgian Golden
575WLP Blended Belgian Yeast
675WLP Malolactic Bacteria Yeas
715WLP Champagne
718WLP Avize Wine
720WLP Sweet Mead
730WLP Chardonnay Wine Yeast
740WLP Merlot Red Wine Yeast
760WLP Cabernet Red Wine
775WLP English Cider Yeast
800WLP Pilsner Lager
802WLP Czech Budejovice Lager
810WLP San Francisco Lager
820WLP Oktoberfest Lager
830WLP German Lager
833WLP German Bock
838WLP Southern German Lager
840WLP American Lager
862WLP Cry Havoc Papazian
WLN1000 Yeast Nutrient
WLN3200 Servomyces
540WLP Abbey IV
006WLP Bedford Ale
566WLP Saison II
705WLP Sake
700WLP Flor Sherry
036WLP Dusseldorf Alt Ale Yeast
009WLP Australian Ale
351WLP Bavarian Weizen
940WLP Mexican Lager
510WLP Belgian Bastogne
072WLP French Ale
410WLP Belgian Wit II
022WLP Essex Ale
038WLP Manchester Ale
039WLP East Midlands Ale
037WLP Yorkshire Ale
515WLP Antwerp Ale
545WLP Belgian Strong
850WLP Copenhagen Lager
920WLP Old Bavarian Lager
1581 PC Belgian Stout
860WLP Munich Helles
644WLP Brett Brux Trois
585WLP Belgian Saison III
665WLP Flemish Ale Blend
750WLP French Red Wine Yeast
645WLP Brett Clausenii
650WLP Brett Brux
653WLP Brett lambicus
017WLP Whitbread Ale Yeast
076WLP Albion Ale Yeast
709WLP Sake #9
WLN4100 Ultra-Ferm
090WLP San Diego Super Yeast
677WLP Lactobacillus
655WLP Belgian Sour Mix 1



Dry Beer Yeast

Dry yeast varieties are heartier, will contain more yeast cells than their liquid counterparts and are more cost effective. As homebrewing grows in popularity, more and more varieties of dry yeast are becoming available. We try and carry a wide selection of dry beer yeast to keep up with today’s homebrewing demands.
You can expand, sort and search the table below to find the product you’re looking for.

Item Name
BrewFerm Blanche Dry Yeast
Nottingham Ale Yeast – Dry(11g)
Safale S-04 Dry Yeast
Safale WB-06 Weihenstephan Hefe
Safbrew S-33 Dry Yeast
Safbrew T-58 Dry Yeast
Saflager S-23 Dry Lager Yeast
Windsor Ale Yeast – Dry- (11g)
Saflager W-34/70
Lallemand Munich Yeast 11g
Safale US-05 Dry Yeast
Muntons Premium Gold Yeast
BrewFerm Lager Dry Yeast
Belle Saison Yeast – Dry- (11g)
West Coast Ale Yeast BRY-97 11g



Dry Wine and Other Yeast

Yeast plays a major role in the flavor, strength and body of your finished wine. We carry a great variety and keep it refrigerated for freshness. We assure you the right type of yeast for any of your wine, mead, or cider projects.
You can expand, sort and search the table below to find the product you’re looking for.

Item Name
CBC-1 Yeast Dry (11g)
Pasteur Champagne
Premier Cuvee
Cote des Blancs
Pasteur Red Yeast
Lalvin 71B-1122 Wine Yeast
Lalvin D-47 Wine Yeast
Lalvin EC-1118 White Wine / Cha
Lalvin Kiv-1116 General Wine Ye
Lalvin RC-212 Wine Yeast
High Alcohol SuperYeast
Mini SuperYeast
Turbo Carbon Still Spirits
Triple Distilled Turbo Yeast
Vodka Triple PureTurbo Yeast
Distiller’s Yeast (DADY) 1lb.
Alcotec 48 Hour Turbo Yeast
Alcotec 24 Hour Turbo Yeast
LQ Turbo X-press 175g.
LQ Batch Turbo 90g.
LQ Rum Turbo 62g.
LQ Vodka Yeast 72g.
LQ Whiskey Yeast 23g.

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