The Brew Hut Graintopia

We offer over 80 varieties of malt from Briess, Rahr, Crisp, Simpson, Gambrinus, Castle and Weyermann.
You can expand, sort and search the table below to find the product you’re looking for.

Item Name Description
Munich-Castle Munich-Belgian
Biscuit-Castle Biscuit
Caravienne-Castle Chateau Cara Ruby
Pilsner-Castle Pilsner-Belgian
Aromatic-Castle Chateau Abbey
Special B-Castle Special B
Pale -Castle Pale Malt-Belgian
Honey-Gambrinus Honey Malt
Rice Hulls Rice Hulls
Muntons Carapils 1 lb.
6 Row-Rahr 6 Row
Wheat, Red-Rahr Red Wheat
Wheat, White-Rahr White Wheat
Acidulated-Weyermann Acidulated
Carafa 1-Weyermann Carafa 1
Carafa 2-Weyermann Carafa 2
Carafa 3-Weyermann Carafa 3
Pilsner-Weyermann Pilsner-German
Wheat, Pale-Weyermann Pale Wheat
Wheat, Dark-Weyermann Dark Wheat
CaraFoam-Weyermann CaraFoam
CaraAroma-Weyermann CaraAroma
CaraMunich 1-Weyermann CaraMunich 1
CaraMunich 2-Weyermann CaraMunich 2
CaraMunich 3-Weyermann CaraMunich 3
CaraHell-Weyermann CaraHell
CaraRed-Weyermann CaraRed
Melanoidin-Weyermann Melanoidin
Vienna-Weyermann Vienna-German
Smoked Malt-Weyermann Beech Wood
Rye Malt-Weyermann Rye Malt
Rye, Chocolate-Weyermann Chocolate Rye
Munich 1-Weyermann Munich 1-German
Munich 2-Weyermann Munich 2-German
CaraWheat-Weyermann CaraWheat
Wheat, Chocolate-Weyermann Chocolate Wheat
CaraStan-Simpsons CaraStan
Golden Naked Oats-Simpsons Golden Naked Oats
Coffee Malt-Simpsons Coffee Malt
Medium Crystal-Simpsons Medium Crystal
Light Crystal-Simpsons Light Crystal
Dark Crystal-Simpsons Dark Crystal
Golden Promise-Simpsons Golden Promise
Chocolate, English-Crisp English Chocolate
Roast, English-Crisp English Roast
Pilsner, Euro-Crisp Euro Pilsner
Peated Malt-Simpsons Peated Malt
Amber Malt -Crisp 25-35 L
Maris Otter-Crisp Maris Otter
Ashburne Mild-Briess Ashburne Mild
Black Patent-Briess Black Patent
Carapils – Dextrine – Briess Carapils “Dextrine”
20L Crystal -Briess Crystal 20
60L Crystal -Briess Crystal 60
80L Crystal -Briess Crystal 80
Munich, Light-Briess Light Munich-US
Roast Barley 300L-Briess Roast Barley “Light”
Special Roast-Briess Special Roast
Stout Roasted Barley-Briess Stout Roast Barley
Victory Toasted Malt-Briess Toasted Victory
Vienna-Briess Vienna-US
10L Crystal -Briess Crystal 10
120L Crystal -Briess Crystal 120
Chocolate-Briess Chocolate-US
Flaked Rye Flaked Rye
Chocolate, English Pale -Crisp English Pale Chocolate
ESB-Gambrinus ESB Malt
Torrifed Wheat Torrifed Wheat
Flaked Oats Flaked Oats
Flaked Rice Flaked Rice
40L Crystal – Briess Crystal 40
Flaked Barley Flaked Barley
Flaked Wheat Flaked Wheat
Flaked Corn Flaked Corn
Briess CaraCrystal Wheat 1#
Colorado Pale Malt
Smoked Malt-Briess Cherry Wood
2 Row, Rahr 2 Row
Midnight Wheat Midnight Wheat
Brown Malt -Crisp 60-70 L
Extra Special Roast-Briess Extra Special Roast
Munich, Dark-Briess Dark Munich-US
CaraMunich – Castle Chateau Cara Gold
Pale Ale-Weyermann Pale Ale-German
2 Row, Western Great
Irish Stout Malt
Briess – 2 Row Briess – 2 Row
Briess – Pilsner Malt Briess – Pilsner Malt
Floor Malted Pilsner- Weyerman
Blackprinz Malt

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