Brewing Systems

If you’ve decided to step things on your brewing, or just want a nice shiny brewery in your home, we carry complete and fully customizable systems for your new brew house.
Blichman TopTier

Blichman Engineering

Truly innovative products with over-the-top quality for brewers who expect the same in their beers.
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Item Name
QuickConnector 1/4″ Flare
Hop Blocker
BrewMometer Adjust NPT
BrewMometer Fixed 1/2″ F°
Blichmann 3 Piece Ball Valve
Fermenator 14 gal Tri-Clamp
Fermenator Leg Ext. 7/14/27g
Fermenator Castors 7/14g
BoilerMaker False Bottom 15g
Fermenator 14 gal Threaded
BrewMometer- Weldless, Adj.
Therminator Blichmann
Therminator Back-Flush Hose
BeerGun Tip
BeerGun Accessory Kit
BrewMometer Fixed Weldless F°
BoilerMaker 15g Kettle
BoilerMaker 30g Kettle
Top Tier Stand
Top Tier Burner Floor Standing
Top Tier Shelf Tier
Top Tier Utility Shelf
Top Tier Therminator Bracket
Top Tier March Pump Bracket
BoilerMaker 10g Kettle
Gloves XL
Gloves L
Gloves M
Top Tier Burner Install Kit
Hole Punching For BoilerMaker
BoilerMaker Seal Kit
Top Tier Natural Gas Orifice
BoilerMaker False Bottom 20g
BoilerMaker False Bottom 10g
QuickConnector 3/8″ Barb
Blichmann Hop Rocket
Tri-Clamp Blow Off Kit
Fermenator 42 gal Threaded
Fermenator 42 g Leg Extensions
Fermenator 42 gal Castors
Fermenator 27 gal Tri Clamp
BoilerMaker False Bottom 30g
Fermenator Castors 27g
BoilerMaker 20g Kettle
Tower of Power w/ Pump
Tower of Power w/o Pump
Tower of Power Temp Controller
Top Tier Burner Stand Mounted
Fermenator 27 gal Threaded
Fermenator 27 gal Castors
Fermentor Lid Seal 14.5g
Top Tier Burner Leg Extensions
BeerGun Clip for Tip
Tower of Power-DEMO!
Pressure Relief for Fermenator
Top Tier Natural Gas Conversion
Fermentor Lid Seal 27g
Kettle Dip Tube Washer
BoilerMaker Hole Plug
BrewMometer Fixed Weldless C°
BrewMometer Fixed 1/2″ NPT C°
Tower of Power Mounting Plate
Tower of Power Comm Cable
BoilerMaker Retainer and O-Ring
Fermenator 7 gal Tri-Clamp
BoilerMaker DipTube Assembly
Weldless Adapter Bushing
BoilerMaker 30g Cosmetic SD1
BoilerMaker 15g Cosmetic SD1
BoilerMaker 20g Cosmetic SD1
BoilerMaker 10g Cosmetic SD1
QuickConnector Nut Only
QuickConnector 1/2″ Barb
Boilermaker Dip Tube 1/2″ SS
QuickConnector 1/2″ Barb 90
Silicone O-Ring PRV
BoilerMaker DipTube Drain Fitti
QuickConnector 3/8″ Barb 90
QuickConnector O-Ring



Ruby Street Brewing

Ruby Street Brewing

The Ruby Street Brewery is a full featured high quality home beer brewing structure unlike anything else on the market. Our signature bent tube frame powder coated in gloss red and loaded with solid stainless steel fittings and kettles offers a unique blend of both form and function. Oh yeah, and large 10″ pneumatic tires allow easy transport to wherever your beer brewing obsession takes you!

  • All welded steel tube frame construction with industrial powder coated finish on frame
  • Burner grates finished in black with a 2000 degree industrial coating
  • (3) 15.5 Gallon 304 Stainless Steel Kettles w/ Lids
  • Stainless steel flexible gas lines
  • Propane regulator including 4′ stainless braided hose included
  • Magnetic drive pump included with stainless steel drip shield and stainless outflow control valve
  • All sanitary tri-clamp fittings on mash tun, boil kettle, and pump.
  • Silicone hoses with fittings included (7′ x 1/2″ outflow hose will fill conicals on tall legs)
  • Both boil kettle and mash tun include 18 gauge perforated false bottoms, and 1/2″ stainless steel dip tubes
  • All legs feature non-surface marring plastic feet
  • Unique design allows system to stand on end for storage, only 43″ x 26″ on end, 72″ tall
  • Complete system stands at 61″ to top of HLT, comfortable and safe height requires no step stool or ladder
  • Includes complete owners manual with operating instructions and warranty information

You can expand, sort and search the table below to find the product you’re looking for.

Item Name
Mega* Ruby Street Complete
Ruby Street Complete
Ruby Street Frame With Pump
Ruby Street M. Tun/ Boil Kettle
Ruby Street Tubing Kit
Ruby Street 15g HLT
Ruby Street add Weldless Thermo
1/2″ NPT SS Dip Tube
Domed False Bottom w/ DT



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