Beer Ingredient Kits

We have a large selection of ingredient kits including Brewer’s Best, Coopers, Rogue and our “Brew Hut” house recipes. All kits make 5 gallons of beer.

The Brew Hut Ingredient Kits

Our ingredient kits include grains, hops, hop socks, a grain sock and yeast. They do not include extract, corn sugar (for bottling) or bottle caps.
You can expand, sort and search the table below to find the product you’re looking for.

Item Name Recipe
TBH 90 Shilling Download Recipe
TBH Amber Ale
TBH American Bock
TBH American IPA
TBH American Pale Ale
TBH American Wheat
TBH Aussie Pale Ale
TBH Avery’s Ellie’s Brown Ale
TBH Belgian Blonde
TBH Belgian Brown and Blue Ale
TBH Belgian Golden Strong
TBH Belgian Wit
TBH Big Bad Wolf Oatmeal Stout
TBH Big Black Cow Milk Stout
TBH Big Horn Bluto Belgian Brwn
TBH Bozenweiss Raspberry Wheat
TBH Brown Ale
TBH Cherry Chocolove Stout
TBH Colorado Pale Ale
TBH Columbus Rye Pale Ale -June
TBH Copper Kettle Black IPA
TBH Czar’s Revenge RIS
TBH DDBC Apricot Blonde
TBH DDBC Belgian Dubbel
TBH DDBC Bounty Old Ale
TBH DDBC Breakwater Pale Ale
TBH DDBC Copper Ale
TBH DDBC Dinghy Cream Ale
TBH DDBC Half Moon Pumpkin Ale
TBH DDBC HMS Victory Amber
TBH DDBC Lady Penrhyn Brown
TBH DDBC Naked Blonde
TBH DDBC Naked Porter
TBH DDBC Nut Brown Ale
TBH DDBC Three Heavy Wee Heavy
TBH DDBC Topsail Tripel
TBH DDBC Vanilla Porter
TBH Eclipse Pumpkin Spice Porte
TBH Elk Mt. Mine Shaft Kolsch
TBH English Brown Ale
TBH English Pale Ale
TBH Funkwerks Tropic King
TBH German Hefeweizen
TBH Golden City Evolution IPA
TBH Graham Cracker Brown
TBH Holiday Cheer Beer II
TBH Honey Lemon Wheat
TBH Hop Goblin’s Revenge
TBH Irish Red
TBH Kolschenberry
TBH Lone Tree DIPA
TBH Long Winter’s Night Stout
TBH Maple Brown Ale
TBH Oatmeal Stout
TBH Oktoberfest/Marzen
TBH Old Treacle Ale
TBH Peach Cobbler Cream Ale
TBH Pikes Peak Devil’s Head Red
TBH Pilsner Lager
TBH Porter Box Kit
TBH Red Ale Box Kit
TBH Rudolph’s Red Ale
TBH Rye Pale Ale
TBH Rye Saison
TBH Saison du Mont – April
TBH Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout
TBH Scotch Ale Kit
TBH Ska’s Steel Toe Stout
TBH Smoked Porter
TBH Steam Beer
TBH Stout Box Kit
TBH Tombstone IPA – March
TBH Upslope Belgian Pale
TBH White House Honey Ale
TBH Wynkoop Patty’s Chili Beer



Brewer's Best Ingredient KitBrewer’s Best Ingredient Kits

Brewer’s Best kits include the ingredients to brew 5 gallons of beer including the corn sugar and bottle caps.
You can expand, sort and search the table below to find the product you’re looking for.

Item Name
BB Amber
BB American Light
BB American Pale
BB American Pale Wheat
BB Australian IPA
BB Belgian Caramel Wit
BB Belgian Dark Stong
BB Belgian Golden Ale
BB Belgian IPA
BB Belgian Saison
BB Belgian Stout
BB Belgian Tripel
BB Black Lager
BB Continental Pilsner
BB Cream Ale
BB Dortmunder
BB Double IPA
BB Dunkelweizen
BB English Bitter
BB English Brown
BB English Pale Ale
BB European Bock
BB Falconer Extra IPA
BB German Altbier
BB Gluten Free!!
BB Holiday Ale
BB Hop Nog
BB Imperial Blonde Ale
BB Imperial Nut Brown
BB Imperial Pale
BB India Black Ale
BB India Pale Ale
BB Irish Stout Kit
BB Kolsch Beer Kit
BB Maibock
BB Milk Stout
BB Munich Helles
BB Oatmeal Stout
BB Oktoberfest
BB Pumpkin Spice Porter
BB Rauchbier
BB Red Ale
BB Robust Porter
BB Russian Imperial Stout
BB Rye Pale Ale
BB Scottish Ale
BB Smoked Porter
BB Summer Ale
BB Vienna Lager
BB Weizenbier
BB Whiskey Barrel Stout
BB Witbier



Coopers DraughtOther Ingredients Kits

You can expand, sort and search the table below to find the product you’re looking for.

Item Name
BrewFerm Abbey Abdije (Double)
BrewFerm Kriek
BrewFerm Triple
Coopers Mexican Cerveza
Muntons American Light
Muntons Canadian Style
Muntons Lager
Muntons Mexican Cervesa
Muntons Old Ale
Muntons Pilsner
Muntons Premium Bitter
Muntons Stout
Rogue Brutal Bitter Kit
Rogue Dead Guy Ale Kit
Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar Kit
Rogue Shakespeare Stout Kit
Rogue Soba Ale Kit



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