Beer Additives and Spices

We have all the ingredients you need to create your favorite beer styles, gypsum, Burton water salts, a large selection of Belgian candi sugars and more!

Beer Additives & SpicesSpice Bags

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Item Name
Calcium Chloride 2 oz.
Cherry Beer Flavoring 4 oz.
Oak Chips 4 oz.
Apple Beer Flavoring 4 oz.
Blackberry Beer Flavoring 4 oz.
Blueberry Beer Flavoring 4 oz.
Boysenberry Natural Fruit Flavo
GoFerm 10g
5.2 pH Stabilizer 1 lb.
Gelatin Finings
Burton Water Salts
Mango Natural Fruit Flavor
VH Apricot Fruit Puree
VH Blackberry Fruit Puree
VH Blueberry Fruit Puree
VH Cherry Fruit Puree
VH Peach Fruit Puree
VH Red Raspberry Fruit Puree
Liquid Oak Essence
Cranberry Beer Flavoring 4 oz.
Exo-Alpha Amylase Enzyme
Gypsum 4 oz.
Hazelnut Flavoring Extract
Heading Powder 1 oz.
Irish Moss 1 oz.
Whirlfloc – 1 Tablets
Peach Beer Flavoring 4 oz.
Polyclar 1/4 oz.
Spruce Essence Flavoring
Strawberry Beer Flavoring 4 oz.
Ceramic Saddles
Black Currant Flavoring 4 oz.
Ginger Beer Flavoring 4 oz.
Grape Beer Flavoring 4 oz.
Watermelon Beer Flavoring 4 oz.
Banana Beer Flavoring 4 oz.
Beer Flavoring Chocolate 4 oz.
Super Moss 1 lb.
Termamyl endo-alpha Amylase Enz
Malto-Dextrin 8 oz.
MaltoFerm Black DME
Fermcap-S 1 oz.
Oak Chips 1 lb.
Sherry Oloroso Oak Chips
Whisky Barrel Oak Chips
Apricot Flavoring 4 oz.
Blackberry Flavoring 4 oz.
Blueberry Flavoring 4 oz.
Cherry Flavoring 4 oz.
Peach Flavoring 4 oz.
Raspberry Flavoring 4 oz.
Strawberry Flavoring 4 oz.
Raspberry Beer Flavoring 4 oz.
GoFerm 100g
Irish Moss 1 lb.
Apricot Beer Flavoring 4 oz.
Gypsum 1 lb.
Dry Amylase Formula 1.5 oz
Dry Amylase Formula 1lb
Defoamer 105: 2 oz.
Calcium Chloride 1 lb.
Gypsum 2 oz.
BG Cardamom Seed
Brewer’s Garden Cinnamon Sticks
Brewer’s Garden Dried Elderberr
Brewer’s Garden Dried Elderflow
Brewer’s Garden Heather Tips
Brewer’s Garden Juniper Berries
Seeds of Paradise
Brewer’s Garden Star Anise
Brewer’s Garden Sweet Gale 2 gr
Sweet Orange Peel 1 oz.
Licorice Sticks
Saison Du Mont Spice Pack
Vanilla Beans
Coriander 1 oz.
Bitter Orange Peel 1 oz.
Brewer’s Garden Woodruff
Brewer’s Garden Mugwort
Brewer’s Garden Wintergreen
Brewer’s Garden Rose Hips
Brewer’s Garden Sasparilla
Brewer’s Garden Licorice Root
Brewer’s Garden Ginger Root
BrewCraft Heather Tips 1#
Dried Lemon Peel 1 oz.
Brewer’s Garden Lime Peel
Brewer’s Garden Chicory Root
Cocoa Nibs 8 oz.
Wynkoop Dried Chille Blend
7 oz. Can Diced Green Chilies
Pumpkin Pie Spice
Cinnamon Sticks
Bakers Chocolate, 1 oz.
Chamomile 1/4 oz.
Lemon Grass 1/2 oz.
Sassafras Root Bark
Allspice 1 tsp.
Cheer Beer II Spice Pack
Brewer’s Garden Wormwood

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