Recipe: Dry Dock Brewing White Rabbit Gruit

Hops haven’t always been commonplace in beer. In fact, for much of beer’s life it was bittered and balanced with a concoction of botanicals that varied from place to place. Since 2013, craft brewers with an interest in making gruit ales have banded together to mark February 1 as International Gruit Day. The day is intended to raise awareness of and pay homage to the historical traditions of brewing with botanicals.

Dry Dock Brewing Co. recently brewed the White Rabbit Gruit for International Gruit Day. This beer is ever-so-slightly tart, and bursting with notes of fresh-cut flowers and herbs. We’ve scaled down the recipe for homebrew. Click here for the recipe with brewing instructions..


We hope you’ll stop by South Dock to try the White Rabbit before it’s gone.

Brew on!